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Whether its a drive, a hike or a long walk, never worry
about your pup being thirsty ever again, Hassle free Hydration
Anywhere, Anytime!

Happy and Hydrate

Our Water on the Go Happy bottles come in both 350ml and 550ml to suit our small friends as well as the big boys we know and love!

Leak free !

All our Water on the Go Happy Bottles come with our leak proof technology to ensure that our users don't experience any accidents!


During these dangerous times we think its important to not just protect ourselves but also our paw friends, Taking water from home could be the difference!

Hydrated pet,

Happy pet

This summer take your best friend on all your adventures without ever worrying about them being thirsty ever again!

Never worry about how safe the public faucets are or even if there is drinking water for your pup on that long hike ever again, Live the adventure with your best friend, the way it should be!

Progressing into

the future

We are tired of hurting one animal for the sake of making another ones life better, all our line is cruelty free, bio-degradable, high quality, products made with love, so your little friend can feel the love they deserve to feel while keeping our earth clean and safe.

dont take our

word for it!

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