Accounting & Payroll in France and the UK

Accounting and Payroll Solutions

NLE Conseils can streamline and manage all your company’s accounting and payroll needs in France and the UK. Our wide-ranging services include keeping your accounts and statements up-to-date; reconciling your accounts; and preparing all your statutory annual reports.

We can also take responsibility for registering your employees with the French authorities and calculate and file the correct social charges. What’s more, we’re expert at liaising with all the relevant French bodies, such as URSSAF, GARP and ASSEDIC. And don’t forget: we also offer the same services to clients in the United Kingdom!

Total Compliance

Is your business is thinking of expanding in France but you want to test the market before setting up a fully-fledged new company or subsidiary?

NLE can manage all your payroll requirements for any staff you hire in France, from registering employees with the authorities to calculating the correct amount of social charges.

Or, if your company already has a payroll service, maybe we can help you streamline the way it operates?

NLE can file your documents with the relevant bodies, such as URSSAF and Pôle Emploi, and prepare all your statutory annual reports.

Clients Big and Small

NLE’s flexible structure means that we can cater for your administrative needs whether you’re a small business or a major multi-national. We work in sectors as diverse as IT, the leisure industry, the world of fashion, design and photography, and the travel and hospitality trades.

Based in the Heart of Paris

NLE's Areas of Expertise

Our Accounting & payroll solutions include the following:
  • Assistance with Local Social Legislation
  • Streamlining Your Payroll Service
  • Registering with the Relevant Authorities
  • Payroll Advice
  • Social Security Payments